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get_adobeUser Manuals

TrueNet LX & FX User Manuals

PDF TrueNet FX
PDF TrueNet LX

TrueNet FX API Guide


NS2100 User Manual

PDF NS2100

TCP-7000 User Manuals

PDF TCP-7200 & TCP-7400
PDF TCP-7550

TCA-9000 User Manuals

PDF TCA-9200
PDF TCA-9450, TCA-9800, TCA-9850

TCD-1800 Dual Carousel User Manual

PDF TCD-1800

TP-5100 Print Only User Manual

PDF TP-5100

PowerPro 3 USB Bridge Quickstart Guide

PDF PP3 USB Bridge

PrismPlus USB Bridge Quickstart Guide

PDF PrismPlus USB Bridge

System Firmware Updates

Before downloading firmware updates, please check which version is currently installed on your system. Attempting to use the wrong version could render your system inoperable, and this is not covered by warranty.

To find your current system firmware version, follow these steps:

1) In stand-alone mode, from the Main Menu move the cursor down to the Utilities Menu then press ENTER.


2) In the Utilities Menu scroll down to the System Information menu then press ENTER.


3) In the System Information menu, select PCA Info (normally the first item) and press ENTER.


4) The PCA Type is shown as one of S3 (Series 3), S4 (Series 4), S5 (Series 5) or S6 (Series 6). This example is Series 6:


Series 6

System Firmware: v6.05.13

IMPORTANT: Remove any non-alphanumeric characters from your TrueNet usernames and passwords before updating or you may encounter errors logging in. The only supported characters are letters, numbers, and the underscore (_) character.

Series 3, 4 & 5

Please visit the Legacy Archive page.

Loader Firmware Updates

TCA Series, TCP Series, and TP-5100

Loader Firmware v1.02u


Loader Firmware: v0.28


Loader Firmware: v1.10


FlashJet 2

FlashJet 2 Windows Driver

FlashJet Pro

FlashJet Pro Windows Driver

FlashJet 4800

Please visit the Legacy Archive page.


Please visit the Legacy Archive page.


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